Friday, 9 October 2009

Hays Work Flow & Hays Internet Platform - Link for ComputaCentre Contractors

The weblink for the Hays Workflow (3ss) System is :-

Also known as the Hays Worker Logon, this is where you enter your time sheets as a contractor with Hays.


Hi, you're probably here as you're looking for the link to login into the Hays Workflow Time sheet system
Here it is for ComputaCentre contractors:-

If you are not with Computacentre and would like to see a link to your login then please email me

I've put this here, as if you're like me you are often at work and want to do your timesheet but can't remember the link! I've googled before but can never find it. So hopefully this will be of use to us all!

Link last checked for update on - May 2011.

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